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Prophet Muhammad | Cards for Contemplation

Oracle cards are popular today because they combine philosophy and art, and appeal to the aesthetic sense, the intellect, and feeling. Prophet Muhammad | Cards for Contemplation, like Khalil's other cards, are not actually oracle cards, however, because their purpose is not divination, but meditation. Each card contains a quotation by Islam's founder taken from the Hadith, or "narrations". The quotations on these cards form a composite image of Muhammad that is both unfamiliar and attractive to Westerners.

True to Myself Wisdom Cards | What Humanity has Always Known

These cards contain quotations from Amin Khalil's own writings. They are an antidote, in eloquent language, to the psychology of success that permeates modern culture. The pursuit of success in the United States is almost an addiction. Make an appointment to find success in the silent moment when meaning becomes clear. It is then that you will understand your relationship to a Meaningful Universe. Those who use the power of mind to obtain a newer car or a bigger bank account are missing the fundamental human experience. The picture shows Carl Jung and a bust of Socrates.

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